⚠️ Vue Native has been deprecated and is no longer maintained.

React Native

Vue Native transpiles to React Native. React Native is a framework to build native Android and iOS apps using JavaScript.

So, you can one-to-one map Vue Native components to React Native components.

What changes in Vue Native (when compared to React Native)?
• You write .vue files instead of .js
• Any .vue file has three parts which are <template />, <style /> and <script />
• With template and style section we use hyphen-case and Pascal case in the script section. This includes the name of the component, style properties and style names

Vue Native is like a syntactic sugar for React Native. We can import any React Native component as it is and start using it

Relation to Custom Elements

You may have noticed that Vue Native components are very similar to React Native Components. You can use All React Native Component, by making use of the kebab case (hyphen-delimited) equivalent components. This is because Vue Native is a wrapper around the React Native APIs.